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Photonics Test & Measurement

Based on proprietary & licensed technologies, ZEPREN develops and manufactures some of the most advanced instruments for the characterization of photonics components and signals.


High resolution OSA

BOSA is the most advanced and versatile high resolution optical spectrum analyzer. Thanks to our unique optical filtering and full spurious-free dynamic range BOSA gets high-resolution and high dynamic-range spectra of your signals for any measurement span. Combined with its passive devices, polarization and phase analysis modules, BOSA becomes a really versatile instrument in for an R&D or quality control lab.


High Definition Component Analyzer

HDCA has been designed to characterize passive optical devices and PICs with the highest resolution and wavelength accuracy, fastest scan speed and largest dynamic range. The spectral profile of insertion losses, return losses and polarization dependent losses (PDL) of passive optical devices can be measured with resolutions down to 10s of fm.

HDCA is the ideal tool for manufacturers and developers of next generation passive components, including ring resonators, arrayed waveguide grating (AWG), quantum chips, wavelength selective switches (WSS), fiber Bragg gratings (FBG), photonic integrated circuits (PIC), or any Ultra-DWDM network components.

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