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CSP instrumentation for the field

ZEPREN develops and manufactures advanced CSP instrumentation for the field. Our test & measurement instruments are based on proprietary and licensed technologies to enable a precise and reliable monitoring of the optical performance in the solar field.

CSP instrumentation for the field


Heliostat reflectance measurement

CONDOR measures heliostat reflectance of the solar spectrum (ISO9050 and ASTM-G173 standards). It can measure flat or curved mirrors, the reflection on the first or second facet and different thicknesses. Additionally it is immune to ambient light and the instrument is robust and stands intense field use in harsh conditions.

CONDOR provides you with the necessary information to optimize the cleaning strategy, minimizing cost and improving the solar field overall performance. Nonetheless solar plants and laboratories all over the world use CONDOR daily.


Receiver tube characterization in the field

INCUS is a receiver tube solar spectrophotometer that measures outer tube transmittance and inner tube absorbance. Since INCUS design is ergonomic and robust and allows use in any orientation it is perfect for field use. Another key point is its long battery life (more than 400 measurements with a single charge). Also, it can tag measurements with GPS location data. INCUS implements ISO9050 and ASTM-G173 standards.

INCUS brings optical characterization of the receiver tubes in CSP through plants to the field, helping O&M activities such as the control of the decrease of the soiling ratio to determine the cleaning cycles.

CSP instrumentation for the field
Atmospheric attenuation measurement in CSP tower plants


Atmospheric attenuation monitoring

ATMOS is an atmospheric attenuation measurement system developed for CSP tower plants. Moreover, it works autonomously, measuring the atmospheric transmittance value every five minutes.

ATMOS measurement is based on optical spectrum analysis, which allows to distinguish the origin of the attenuation. The system is based on a target screen that reflects sun radiation. Then, two telescopic optical devices measure the spectrum of the reflected radiation and calculate the attenuation of the differential path. The system wavelength range is 400-1630 nm.

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