ZEPREN Solutions is awarded an Industrial PhD grant from Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovation

ZEPREN Solutions’ R&D projects get a new push with support from the State Agency of Reserach through Industrial PhD grants programme. This programme will enable our employee Salvador Andrés to conduct his PhD research while working in the company and co-supervised by Prof. Carlos Heras at University of Zaragoza and Asier Villafranca, PhD, at the company. In ZEPREN we strongly believe academic-industrial collaboration and technology transfer to be one of the main keys for long-term success and will continue strengthening our relationship with our R&D partners.

The grant consists in 71.730,00€ to cover partially hiring costs of the PhD candidate and PhD tutoring fees. Grant DIN2021-011740 has been financed by MCIN/AEI/10MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033, with DIN2021-011740 the reference that appears in the concession publication, MCIN the acronym for Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovatorio (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación); AEI the acronym for Spain’s State Agency for Research (Agencia Estatal de Investigación); 10.13039/501100011033 the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) of the Agency.