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ZEPREN Instruments

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The most advanced instruments for the analysis of photonic components, chips and systems: BOSA high-resolution optical spectrum analyzer and HDCA high-definition component analyzer

Concentrated Solar Power

Advanced instrumentation for the Operation & Maintenance of CSP tower & parabolic through. Heliostat & tube soiling measurement. Atmospheric transmitance/attenuation characterization.


Spectrophotometers for quality control or samples classification. Specular/diffuse reflectance. Development of custom solutions fully integrated in your processes.

ZEPREN Solutions

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Prototyping & manufacturing

Mechanical & electronic design. Systems integration. Manufacturing and calibration. Certifications.


Firmware, backend & frontend. FPGA & processors. Embedded & distributed systems. IoT.

Deployment & integration

Installation planning & execution. Regulatory compliance. System ruggerization.

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Aragon Photonics and ZEPREN Solutions announce licensing deal

Aragon Photonics Labs. S.L. has signed an exclusive licensing deal with ZEPREN Solutions S.L. involving its Optical Telecommunications Test & Measurement product line, which includes BOSA High-resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer and HDCA High-Definition Component Analyzer. This agreement expands on the existing collaboration between the two companies that already saw the Concentrated Solar Power Instrumentation product line licensed to ZEPREN in 2023.

“This agreement enables APL to focus its efforts in enhancing its products and applications for Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing. We consider this business line strategic for the company in the coming years” said Francisco López, President of Aragon Photonics.

“We will continue supporting all existing customers and invest in the product line to keep providing innovative test & measurement solutions for the optical communications and photonic integrated chips markets”, stated Asier Villafranca, CEO of ZEPREN Solutions.

Both companies expect to continue collaborating to build up the technology ecosystem in Aragon.